Multi-Symbol, Multi-Indicator Screener for TradingView (free)

Screen multiple symbols for any kind of condition between two data sources / other TradingView indicators.

Last Update: May 5, 2024

Universal TradingView Screener
Multi-Symbol Multi-Indicator Screener w/ Alert

Find the trades you want when they happen.


  • Screen:
    • Up to 40 symbols
    • For virtually unlimited possible conditions (one condition at a time only), including resistance and support rejection.
    • Based on any source data, specifically other indicators plots and their values.
    • Get alerts based on indicators that are closed-source, where the pine script code is hidden.
    • You only need to have the indicator on the same chart as the screener.
  • Label
    • Shows only symbols that meet your criteria at the time.
    • Plots symbol name(s) and chart time frame.
    • Set label position and color for label and text.
    • Text color will adapt for light and dark theme.
  • Alerts
    • Set alerts that will notify you if/when one or more symbols meet the condition (only on completed candles/bars).
multi symbol flexible indicators screener tradingview | tradingwhale

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