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The 4 Biggest Reasons Traders Fail &
Our Solutions for You!

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Problem 1

Timing Entries and Exits too early or too late

Problem 2

Letting losers run and cutting profits short

Problem 3

More losing than winning trades

Problem 4

Over-specialized, curve-fitting trading indicators

Find better Entries and Exits

Our Long/Short Entry & Exit Optimzer helps you find the perfect entry and exit to maximize your gains

Increase your profit per trade

The #1 reason traders fail: Selling winners and holding losing trades.
Our indicators tell you if a trend is intact & when momentum is stalling.

Win more Trades

Almost all indicator signals come after the big move already happened.
Our near-zero latency signals provide a better risk/reward.

Trade with Confidence & Make Money

Our indicators aren't overspecialized, so you can trade any market on any timeframe: stocks, forex, crypto, etc.

Our Traders’ Success Is Our Success

Over 17,000 traders have significantly improved their trading and investing game with our trading indicators & signals available on the TradingView platform

Cutting-edge algorithms

Developed over months and with years of experience, our trading indicator and signal algorithms have proven their performance time and time again. You are only a few clicks away from executing better trades.

OMEGA Indicator & Trading Signals
omega trading indicator & signals from and strategy tradingview
Entry & Exit Optimizer
long short entry and exit optimizer from
Trend Momentum Algo
trend momentum algo from
Trend Reversal Oscillator
trend reversal oscillator from

We are constantly adding useful features and making improvements to our indicators.

Our latest additions:

  • Specify the exact % of bar progress required for a signal to be created on the current bar (0% to 100%). Use-case: A 90% setting on a 1d or 2hr bar would allow you to place a trade before EOD rather than wait for the next morning.
  • Send OMGEA buy & sell trading signals directly to our TV Strategy container to automate trade testing (see below).
  • Automatic Stop-Loss with line and price label, adjustable lookback period and buffer based on standard deviation of lows over lookback period.
TradingWhale strategy with OMEGA trading signals on tradingview annual return data
tradingwhale strategy for tradingview with OMEGA signals annual returns chart

Use our SPY 90m chart TRADING STRATEGY:

Win rate*:                     77.6%
Profit factor*:            2.5
Max. Drawdown*:    33.8%  (in 2008)
Sample size:                581 trades
(>99% confidence interval with 5% margin of error)
Backtest Range:       Nov. 2008 – Aug 2023  / 14+ year timespan
–> experienced all kinds of markets
Execution only on completed candles. No intra-bar trades.
Total Return:               > 5,000%

* Results will vary with changing strategy settings. Also, past performance is not indicative of future performance.

TradingWhale profitable algo trading strategy with TW-OMEGA trading signals on tradingview CAGR data
TradingWhale strategy with OMEGA trading signals on tradingview CAGR image

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