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Last Update: July 3, 2024


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We support traders and investors with premium trading indicators that drive real results.
Now is YOUR time to have an unfair advantage!

Our Trading Indicators & Signals for TradingView are designed to:

  • Provide near-zero latency indicator signals and pre-expose impending trend reversals so traders can maximize profit and reduce risk. 
  • Optimize entry and exit for both long and short positions to improve the risk/reward ratio of the trade. We strongly believe in buying into weakness and selling into strength at the point of a trend reversal, so we designed indicators with that goal in mind.
  • Provide embedded divergence discovery without the usual complexity.
  • Minimize ‘noise’ of normal price fluctuations and expose their natural oscillations and patterns.
  • Include tons of free extras so you can add more indicators than allowed based on your TradingView subscription.

With over 10,000 hours of conceptual development, coding and testing, our indicators, signal algorithms and strategies represent the finest that technical analysis can provide. Whether you trade stocks, index, crypto, commodities, forex or futures, our signals are typically faster and more reliable than other free and premium indicators, giving you the best trading edge money can buy.

The rest is up to you.

Hear why traders love us

Our users are trading novices, seasoned investors and advanced swing traders. They use TradingWhale’s TradingView scripts  to change the way they anticipate and take advantage of market swings. You can do this on any time frame, whether it’s on a 1-minute or a monthly chart. TradingWhale helps you turn insight into action, cuts down time for analysis, and builds your confidence in trading decisions.

“I went from one indicator to the next, always looking for something that would help me improve. I had resistance lines, volume profile, rsi, macd and so on. It’s hard to admit, but I never knew which signal to trust and I lost a ton of money.” ….. “Your indicators were eye-opening. Getting in and out of trades is so much easier now. It’s a bit spooky when you predict a stock will move a certain way and then it actually does again and again.”

TradingWhale is the trusted leader in modern trading indicator development.

tradingwhale premium trading indicators. TradingWhale is the trusted leader in modern trading indicator development and TradingView scripts

As the market-leading choice for premium trading indicators on the TradingView platform, our suite of TradingView scripts is known for enabling every day traders, swing traders and active investors to make better decisions faster.

Used by professionals and retail traders alike, our algorithms analyze the seemingly random chart behavior of any type of security (incl. Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Commodities and Crypto) and clearly display the underlying repeating chart patterns in powerful and intuitive indicators. It can be as simple as telling the difference between blue and red.

We are dedicated to helping our users generate wealth by creating algorithms that drive real results without the complexity.

Customer-focused innovation

We are deeply committed to supporting the needs of our users. Since our foundation, we’ve dedicated several thousand hours to the development of high-probability trading algorithms that don't produce 'unwanted' indicator repainting. With much of our innovation driven by customer feedback, we have created a suite of easy-to-use trading indicators that combine years of experience and rigorous pattern analysis so you can focus on what’s important: Executing winning trades and maximizing profits.

Analytics process that drives change

Users are adopting TradingWhale faster and more broadly than ever before. We are committed to helping them build an analytics-driven trading process no matter where they are in their trading journey. By putting our TradingView scripts at the center of trade evaluation, traders and investors are able to identify better opportunities, build a solid process, and experience a powerful transformation in their trading results.

Indicators that day traders and active investors love to use

The most intuitive user experience

Our indicators are designed to put the trader first by being easy to understand and visually appealing. We believe chart analysis should be about finding trades with great risk/reward, instead of being overly confusing. In addition, with built-in visual best practices, TradingWhale indicator scripts automatically provide optimal contrast for both light and dark themes and switch selected indicator colors based on theme.

Powerful trend, momentum and pattern analysis

TradingWhale meets the highest expectations of traders who seek extremely low signal latency and high accuracy. Taking into account trend, volatility, and momentum pattern analysis we’ve built a powerful suite of next-gen trading algorithms designed to empower traders and to simplify their trading. While advanced users have the ability to modify the indicator settings, we believe the indicators work for most situations with standard settings. Our proprietary AlphaTrend algorithm combines low latency with smoothing features in a way that is unprecedented.  We embedded it in most of our indicators as a signal line.

Easy to learn & easy to use

TradingWhale indicator scripts are built to make chart analysis faster, easier, and more intuitive. By making the complex simple and reducing the amount of information we enable traders to make high-probability trades without feeling overwhelmed. Indicator settings are easy to understand and offer additional information. Simple color options promote confidence in understanding chart patterns. The performance of the indicators establishes confidence in using them. 

With thousands of successful users worldwide we are just at the beginning of our journey.

Get the right indicators you need to trade with confidence.

Personal Disclaimer

While we believe that our premium trading indicators can tremendously improve your trading results, indicators by themselves don’t guarantee trading profits,  just like a Formula-1 car doesn’t make you a professional racecar driver. What they can do is provide the context necessary to better understand market patterns and to make high-probability trades confidently.

Successful trading requires knowledge, discipline and constant learning; it requires proper risk management and setting stop losses. For those new to trading or technical analysis, we always recommend a demo account until you feel confident in using our indicators, setting proper stop losses, position sizing, etc.

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