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Last Update: June 16, 2024

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Trading Bots on your dedicated VPS

Do you want more for your IRA than a simple Index strategy or buy and hold?

  • You don’t have time every day to manage your investments? Let a trading bot do the work for you and live your life.
  • Remove emotions from your trading with a systematic, professional trading bot on your dedicated VPS. 
  • No tech- or programming knowledge required
  • Bring your own strategies and ideas, or use one of our back-tested strategies

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    Back-tested Trading Strategies

    Past performance is NOT indicative of future performance. Trading can result in the loss of 100% of your capital.

    SPY Swing Trading Strategy w/ OMEGA signals

    • Goal: Create outsized returns during times of increased volatility and keep up with buy & hold returns during times of low volatility.
    • For the back-tested time frame (see Jan 2015 – Dec 2023) we used lower investment levels to better see how the strategy returns compare to the benchmark buy & hold of SPY.
    • See results from Jan 2009 to Dec 2023 (15 years) for the same strategy with identical settings, except with the regular investment level.
    • Please note that results will change with changing back-testing time frames and different strategy settings. Also please see the disclaimer below.
    • This is one of our more conservative strategies. We believe that the back-tested returns warrant the ~20% max drawdown.
    • If you seek downward protection as well we gains greater than buy &  hold then this strategy might be worth looking at.

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