OMEGA Trading Indicator & Signals

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Last Update: May 5, 2024

OMEGA Trading Indicator & Signals

The OMEGA Trading Indicator & Signals algorithm pulls it all together and adds several useful features, incl. proprietary algos and free indicators (Hull Moving Average and Multi-Moving Averages). It includes:

  • Eight (8) long-term tested, high-accuracy long and short signal algorithms with unmatched precision and reliability. They are based on a combination of indicators. Traders get extremely high probability signals. Their individual performance bell curve is based on charting time frame and volatility of the underlying security. More information is available in the Signal Tooltip in the Indicators Settings on TradingView.
  • Live Bar Signal Trigger: Traders control if signals are triggered when bars are completed, or at any percentage during a live bar. Use case: You are trading the daily chart (or 30m, 1hr, 2hr 4hr…) and want a signal before the markets closes so you can put in the trade today, not tomorrow.
  • Our proprietary AlphaTrend signal line and AlphaTrend colored bar charts. AlphaTrend is not an EMA or other moving average. It provides extremely low latency at reversals while at the same time providing smoothing features to accurately confirm trend continuation. We originally developed it as a signal line that we use in some of our indicators, but also make it available as a chart overlay.
  • Free Addons: Hull Moving Average and 4 configurable Moving Averages. Pick from SMA, EMA, RMA (RSI moving average), WMA, and VWMA

BRAND NEW: Watch Video Here --- OMEGA trading indicator

  • Automatic Stop-Loss tells you when it’s time to get out
    • Automatically plotting stop-loss line and label with price on the chart when an OMEGA trading signal is plotted
    • Has settings for lookback, a buffer based on standard deviation of lows across the lookback period and color settings
  •  Sending OMEGA trading indicator signals to our own or our trading STRATEGY on TradingView
    • You now have the ability to send OMEGA trading signals directly to our new Strategy container for trade automation and strategy testing.
    • Use our OMGEA signals or your own as a source. Any indicator that plots a +1 (buy) or a -1 (sell) can be used as a source in the strategy to generate strategy entries and exits.
  • Crisper Charts to save your eyes and let you see trends more clearly
    • The Omega color theme automatically adjusts for both dark and light theme and let you focus on what’s important while still giving you all the data.
    • Wicks are dimmed in standard setting to let you see trends better
    • Moving averages have greater transparency to be available but not cluttering your view
    • Contrast-color borders make it easier to look at charts for longer periods of time.


  • The holy grail of trading: Trade very accurate Long (buy) and Short (sell) trading signals on every time frame.
  • AlphaTrend signal line and colored bars are fast and smooth to confirm trend continuation or reversal.
  • Create real-time signal alerts with a few clicks


  • AlphaTrend candle colors changing
  • Price closing below/above the AlphaTrend signal line
  • 8 signal algorithms providing long or short signals, visible as Up and Down triangles overlayed on the chart
  • Signals should always be considered with completed candles. Please note: You have the ability to define if signals only trigger on completed bars or at what specific point for live bars. If you want to create alerts only based on completed candles, set the Alert Trigger in TradingView to ‘Once Per Bar Close.’


  • Not all trading signals work equally well on all chart time frames. Most of our trading signal algorithms that provide up or down triangles work best for 15-minute to daily and weekly time frames. Depending on the symbol you are trading signals may also work well for chart time frames as short as 3 minutes and as long as  3 months.
  • Traders can find additional guidance when clicking on the ‘?’ next to the signal in the indicator settings in TradingView.
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