Trend Reversal Oscillator

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Last Update: May 5, 2024

Trend Reversal Oscillator

This algorithm is packed full with code and combines several indicators in one. It reacts quickly to trend changes but also minimize the noise to help you ignore market whipsaw. This premium trading indicator includes our proprietary dynamic signal line algorithm (not a moving average) and automatically analyzes multiple timeframes simultaneously, which produces highly accurate signals.

4 Indicators Included

  1. Primary Trend Reversal Oscillator
  2. Trend Exhaustion Indicator (green = overbought / red = oversold)
  3. Summary Signal: Multi-timeframe trend combination together with our proprietary signal line
  4. All-Timeframes trend view


  • Excellent performance in identifying peaks, bottoms and high-probability reversals
  • Exposes broader patterns and reacts quickly to trend reversals
  • Helps letting profits run as long as the trend remains intact
  • See overbought/oversold condition
  • Multi-timeframe analysis resulting in high probability trades
  • Use for all timeframes
  • Works best in conjunction with our other indicators


  • Base setting: Trend line reversing and color changes, in particular for double top/bottom situations and in the top and bottom section of the indicator pane..
  • Trend Exhaustion: Bull or bear trend intact when trendline is green (bull) and red (bear). Chance of a trend interruption/reversal when color changes to gray.
  • Summary Signal: Combined multi-timeframe signal when the proprietary blue signal line moves up from the bottom section (buy) or moves down from the top section (sell).
  • See all time frames: Selecting ‘Plot all timeframes’ in the settings will expose lines for all timeframes. All lines being concentrated at one point at the top or bottom is an excellent indicator that the trend will reverse strongly in the opposite direction very soon. This works especially well in medium/high-volatility environments (based on timeframe). For best results we recommend waiting one or two more candles after the lines have concentrated for a double-bottom or double-top.
  • Works best in combination with our other premium trading indicators from TradingWhale.


  • In low volatility environments and prolonged up- or downtrends you can expect the trend reversal oscillator to remain in the extreme top or bottom area. If that is the case we would caution to make trades based on this indicator alone, and advise to switch to a lower or higher time frame to get better signals.
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