Entry and Exit Optimizer

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Last Update: May 5, 2024

Entry and Exit Optimizer

The Entry and Exit Optimizer is a favorite of our users. The ‘Optimizer’ (aka trading oracle indicator) helps identify optimal entry and exit points for both long and short positions. Of course, it shows trend divergences and reversals extremely well. Combined with our proprietary signal line algorithm this premium trading indicator helps find optimal points of entry. Btw, this is a must-have for any options and futures trader. We wouldn’t do it without this indicator.


  • Super fast, high-accuracy indicator combined with our proprietary signal line (not a moving average)
  • Easily see and capitalize on trend divergences and reversals
  • Increase your profit potential by identifying the right candles to buy into weakness for beginning bull trends and sell into strength for beginning bear trends
  • Allows for tighter stop-losses
  • Excellent for assessing trend health in one view
  • Works for all timeframes


  • Reversal and color change (green/pink) of the signal curve indicates slowing momentum.
  • The trendline getting very close to the signal line is a signal to take some profit or exit the position, based on your risk-appetite and chart timeframe.
  • A short signal occurs when the trend line breaks below the signal line and reverses back up against the signal line without crossing it.
  • A long signal occurs when the trend line breaks above the signal line and reverses back below against the signal line without crossing it. For best results the signal line should be around the lowest dashed line, or higher.

Considerations -- Entry and Exit Optimizer

  • This is one of the traders’ favorite indicators. Still, it works best in combination with our other indicators. And as always, use proper risk management.

Extra benefits

  • We believe this indicator is ideal to help long-term investors preserve capital and reduce risk by pinpointing market tops and upcoming downturns or bear markets.
  • It can also be used for short-selling and deleveraging / buying protection. We recommend using the 3-month, 1-month and weekly charts for investment horizons of 6 months or longer.
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