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learn how to increase trading profits with the long & short entry and exit optimizer on tradingview from tradinwhale.io

Here below you find our video on how to use the Long & Short Entry & Exit Optimizer on Tradingview.

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Long & Short Entry & Exit Optimizer: Identify Optimal Trading Points

The Long & Short Entry Optimizer has become a firm favorite among traders due to its unparalleled ability to identify optimal entry and exit points for both long and short positions. This indicator excels at detecting trend divergences and reversals, allowing traders to capitalize on profitable opportunities while minimizing risks. By incorporating the proprietary signal line algorithm, the Long & Short Entry Optimizer provides invaluable insights into trend health and offers the potential for tighter stop-loss levels.

Whether you’re a beginner trader or an experienced options trader, the Long & Short Entry Optimizer is a must-have tool in your trading arsenal. Its versatility makes it suitable for all time frames, ensuring you never miss out on potential profits across different trading strategies. While this indicator shines on its own, it works exceptionally well when combined with other indicators, creating a synergistic effect that maximizes trading efficiency.


  • Super fast, high-accuracy indicator combined with the proprietary signal line.
  • Easily spot and capitalize on trend divergences and reversals.
  • Increase profit potential by identifying optimal entry and exit points.
  • Allows for tighter stop-losses and assesses trend health at a glance.


  • Reversal of the signal curve (direction and color).
  • Trendline getting close to the signal line indicates potential profit-taking or position exit.
  • Short signal: Trend line breaks below the signal line and reverses back up.
  • Long signal: Trend line breaks above the signal line and reverses back below.

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