How to Create An Alert on TradingView

Take your trading to the next level with TradingView's alert feature. Follow our easy tutorial to set up customized alerts and stay ahead of the market trends.
tradingview alert settings by tradingwhale

How to Create Alerts on TradingView?

Are you tired of constantly monitoring your trading charts for hours on end? What if there was a way to receive alerts when specific market conditions are met, so you can focus on other things besides staring at your screen all day? In this blog post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up alerts on TradingView. We’ll cover the different types of alerts available, how to set them up for indicators and drawing tools, and even how to create alerts from existing scripts. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to manage your alerts effectively so that you never miss an important market movement. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, this guide will help you take your trading game to the next level.


Setting up alerts is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Price level alerts notify you when the price reaches a certain level, while volume alerts are based on volume conditions. Indicator alerts are based on technical indicators such as moving averages or TradingWhale’s Chart or Drawing Tool Alerts alerts will notify you when conditions based on a chart drawing are met. Finally, script alerts can be customized with your own code.

tradingview alert settings by tradingwhale

Setting Alerts

Setting up an alert on TradingView is easy and can be done by clicking on the alert icon next to the chart you want to monitor. You can customize alerts by setting specific conditions like price thresholds or technical indicators like MACD, or one of TradingWhale’s indicators such as the ‘Trend Reversal Oscillator‘, the Long & Short Entry & Exit Optimizer, or the OMEGA signal indicator.

Alert Types

There are different types of alerts available. They include…

  • Price alerts
  • Volume alerts
  • Indicator alerts
  • Chart / Drawing Tool alerts
  • Script alerts

Price Alert

To set up a price alert, simply select the instrument you want to monitor, click on the “Alert” button and specify the target price or price crossing a specific level or moving in other ways.

how to set a price alert in tradingview - by tradingwhale

Volume Alert

To set up a volume alert, simply select the instrument you want to monitor, click on the “Alert” button, select Volume from the dropdown and define the volume condition logic.

How do I set a volume alert in tradingview? - by tradingwhale

Indicator Alert

Another useful feature is setting alerts on indicators, such as moving averages or MACD, which allows traders to monitor changes in market trends. However, it’s important to choose the right indicator and set the alert at the appropriate level to avoid false signals that may lead to poor trading decisions. Take a look at our premium indicators here.

Drawing Tool Alert

One of the most useful features is the ability to set up alerts based on drawing tools. There are several types of drawing tools that you can set alerts for, including trendlines, channels, and Fibonacci retracements.

How do I set a chart drawing tool trendline alert in tradingview? - by tradingwhale

Script Alert

Traders can also create custom scripts and add alert functionality to them, making it easier to track and respond to market trends. To add alert functionality to an existing script, traders can use the “alertcondition” function in Pine Script.

Alert Triggers

The next step is to set the alert trigger. Here you have the options between getting an alert ‘Only Once’, ‘Once Per Bar Close’, ‘Once Per Bar’, or ‘Once Per Minute.’

Do TradingView Alerts Expire?

All Alerts have an expiration date, unless you are on the Premium plan. If you are on Pro+ or lower, you will have to periodically look at the expired alerts and give them a new expiration date in the future if you want to revive them.

Can I use Variables in the Alert Message on TradingView?

Finally, you can enter the alert name as well as an alert message. The alert message can contain variables. To read more, please visit here.

What are the Alert Notification Options on TradingView?

  • Notify on app
  • Show pop-up
  • Send email
  • Webhook URL (learn more)
  • Play sound
  • Send email-to-SMS
How do I change / modify alert notification setting in tradingview? - by tradingwhale

Manage Alerts

At the top right of the screen you find the Manage Alerts window. Once you click on the clock icon the Manage Alerts window will open where you can play, pause and clone alerts. You can also search for alerts and filter and sort alerts based on different criteria.

TradingView also has a feature called Alerts log that allows you to keep track of all your alerts in one place. This feature helps you monitor past alerts and reflects how well you are doing with them.

Mange alerts in the manage alerts window in tradingview. YOu can pause, resume / play and clone alerts. There is also am alerts log for alert history. By TradingWhale

Can I Pause, Delete, or Reactivate Multiple Alerts At Once?

Yes, once you have set up alerts, it’s important to manage them effectively. To pause several alerts simultaneously, simply select the desired alerts and click on the “Pause Selected” button. Similarly, deleting multiple alerts at once is just as simple: select the relevant alerts and click on the “Delete Selected” button.

If you want to reactivate multiple alerts at once, you can use the “Reactivate Selected” button. This feature is particularly useful if you have previously paused a large number of alerts but now need to reactivate them all in one go.

Sort and Filter Alerts

The ‘Manage Alerts’ window allows you to filter your alerts based on various criteria. This includes filtering by symbol, condition, and time frame.

People Also Ask: Can you create Alerts on a Free / Basic TradingView account?

Yes, on the Basic account you can set one (1) alert and the maximum time till expiration is two (2) months. If you want more alerts then you have to upgrade to the Pro plan or higher. Btw, only on the Premium plan do alerts not expire and can be set to “Open-ended alert.”


TradingView has additional resources such as forums and support pages on their website for users looking to set up alerts. With its user-friendly interface and customizable settings, setting up an alert on TradingView is a breeze for all levels of traders.

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