Profitable Algo Trading.

Try our backtested, profitable trading strategy with our OMEGA signals.
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Profitable Algo Trading

Last Update: May 3, 2024


     Results for trading algorithm with TW-OMEGA trading signals on SPY 90m chart:

  • Win rate*:                    77.6%
  • Profit factor*:            2.5
  • Max. Drawdown*:    33.8%  (in 2008)
  • Sample size:              581 trades 
    (>99% confidence interval with 5% margin of error)
  • Backtest Range:      Nov. 2008 – Aug 2023  / 14+ years
    –> experienced all kinds of markets
  • Total Return:              > 5,000%
  • see specific backtesting data further below


    * Results will change when algo settings are modified. Also, past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Backtesting results:

Below the backtesting results we have achieved with a specific set of strategy conditions (see here) in combination with our proprietary TW-OMEGA trading signals.

The green line / area in the image below is the cumulative profit of the algorithm working with our TW-OMEGA trading signals. The blue line (for comparison) is the cumulative profit a buy-and-hold strategy of the SPY would have earned during the same time frame.

In it’s current state, the algo has significant weaknesses on the short trading side. We are looking to improve this.

SPY - 90m chart - TW algo w/ standard settings and all eight (8) TW-OMEGA trading signals as data source.

TradingWhale profitable algo trading backtest with TW-OMGEA trading signals on TradingView


Algo CAGR data based on the conditions above.

TradingWhale profitable algo trading strategy with TW-OMEGA trading signals on tradingview CAGR data

 CAGR Chart

TradingWhale strategy with OMEGA trading signals on tradingview CAGR image

Algo Annual Returns data based on the conditions above.

TradingWhale strategy with OMEGA trading signals on tradingview annual return data

Annual Returns Chart

tradingwhale strategy for tradingview with OMEGA signals annual returns chart

One Strategy - Unlimited Inputs

Our strategy container allows you to backtest any kind of TradingView indicator with ease.
Put your trading strategies to the test today!


  • Add any kind of data source for your signals.
  • Create your own indicators and use them as a data source in our TradingView strategy.
  • Use ATR and VIX to filter for market sentiment and reduce trades against the trend.
  • Set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels for long and short trades separately, based on % or ATR.

To access our OMEGA trading signals and trading algorithm / strategy on TradingView, please see below for next steps.

Thank you.

While we believe that our premium trading indicators can tremendously improve your trading results, indicators by themselves don’t guarantee trading profits,  just like a Formula-1 car doesn’t make you a professional racecar driver. What they can do is provide the context necessary to better understand market patterns and to make high-probability trades confidently.

Past performance is NOT indicative of future performance.

TradingWhale provides trading tools and education. In no way, shape or form do we provide trading advice, nor are our trading signals or strategies to be interpreted as such. By using our signals and strategies you take full responsibility for the results of your own trading. Trading can result in the loss of 100% of your capital.

Successful trading requires knowledge, discipline and constant learning; it requires proper risk management and setting stop losses. For those new to trading or technical analysis, we always recommend a demo account until you feel confident in using our indicators, setting proper stop losses, position sizing, etc.

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