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The Trading Bot for Retail Investors Is here.

You’re not a Programmer, Systems Admin, or Professional Trader, but you still want to do better than just buy-and-hold!

  • Let a trading bot work for you while you live your life, not stare at a screen all day.
  • Remove emotions from your trading with a systematic, professional trading bot on your dedicated VPS.
  • No tech- or programming knowledge required
  • Bring your own strategies and ideas, or use one of our back-tested strategies

Currently we only support Interactive Brokers accounts.

Past performance is NOT indicative of future performance. Trading can result in the loss of 100% of your capital.

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    Take your trading to the next level.

    • Get the right trades done, whether you trade or invest, day after day.
    • No need to keep your PC or Laptop turned on 24/7.
    • No more worrying about the trading application crashing.

    Our trading bot software and strategy management system, with direct, bi-directional integration to the Interactive Brokers trading platform, comes ready-to-go on your own Virtual Private Server (VPS).

    Now you can automate your investment or trading strategies with your very own trading bot, without having to figure out a myriad of technical details, order integration, security, server maintenance, et cetera.

    If you want more than buy-and-hold or index strategies, but can’t or don’t want to consistently dedicate several hours a week to trading, week after week and month after month, then a trading bot is your best option.

    Why aren't more retail traders using trading bots?

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    Technical Challenges

    A lot of things have to work together seamlessly to successfully deploy a trading bot and put your investment strategies on auto-pilot.
    We provide you with a proven infrastructure and the software already set up. All the pieces are in place and tested.

    You only need to add your Interactive Brokers credentials and your trading strategy in Python, or you can use one of ours.

    Lack of Coding Experience

    The majority of investors aren't coders, and that is ok. Plus, there are many pitfalls when programming a trading bot.
    Whether you have a strategy we can translate to Python, or develop one from scratch based on your requirements, our expert Python developers can convert it for a fee.

    Or you can use one of our back-tested strategies.

    Security & Maintenance

    Setting up security the right way and keeping the server maintained and running isn't hard, but takes a specific set of skills and time, which most people don't have.
    Nothing worse than trades not being closed because your system is down.

    We ensure that your hosted environment is secure and properly maintained.

    Cutting-edge algorithms

    Developed over months and with years of experience, our trading indicator and signal algorithms have proven their performance time and time again. You are only a few clicks away from executing better trades.

    OMEGA Indicator & Trading Signals

    • 8 distinct near-zero latency Buy and Sell signal algorithms (see sample above)
    • Create real-time signal alerts with a few clicks
    • Send OMEGA buy & sell signals straight to your strategy
    • more details

    Strategy: xTW_v2-SPY

    Strategy Type: Swing Trading
    - Capitalize on higher volatility and downtrends (more trades)
    - Keep up with buy-and-hold returns at lower volatility and uptrends (fewer trades)

    The strategy is designed to create outsized returns during times of increased volatility and to keep up with buy & hold returns during times of low volatility. For one of the back-tested time frames below (Jan 2015 – Dec 2023), we used lower investment levels so we can see better how the strategy returns compared to the benchmark buy & hold of SPY. The strategy largely performs as designed. See the red areas below where SPY experienced downturns while the strategy remained stable or significantly increased returns during times of higher volatility.

    (click image to enlarge)

    Here we see the backtest results from Jan 2009 to Dec 2023  for the same strategy with identical settings, except with the regular investment level (up to 100% leverage).  Please note that results will change with changing back-testing time frames and different strategy settings. Also please see the disclaimer below.

    This is one of our more conservative strategies and we believe that the back-tested returns warrant the ~20% max drawdown. If you seek to grow faster than the market with good risk-reward as well as to protect your equity during downturns, then this strategy might be worth a closer look.

    (click image to enlarge)


    Win rate*:                     77.6%
    Profit factor*:            2.5
    Max. Drawdown*:    33.8%  (in 2008)
    Sample size:                581 trades
    (>99% confidence interval with 5% margin of error)
    Backtest Range:       Nov. 2008 – Aug 2023  / 14+ year timespan
    –> experienced all kinds of markets
    Execution only on completed candles. No intra-bar trades.
    Total Return:               > 5,000%

    * Results will vary with changing strategy settings. Also, past performance is not indicative of future performance.

    —  Past performance is NOT indicative of future performance.  —

    Trading can result in the loss of 100% of your capital.

    We do not provide trading tips nor we are an investment adviser. Our service is solely restricted to automated trading application and strategy development, deployment, and maintenance. All algorithms are back-tested, but we do not provide any guarantee for their performance in the future.

    The algorithm running in an automated system is agreed with user prior deployment and we do not take any liability for any loss generated by the same. Past performance of advise/strategy/model does not indicate the future performance of any current or future strategy/model or advise by TRADINGWHALE and actual returns may differ significantly from that depicted herein due to various factors including but not limited to impact costs, expense charged, timing of entry/exit, timing of additional flows/redemptions, individual client mandates, specific portfolio construction characteristics etc. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any strategy/model or advice provided by TRADINGWHALE will be achieved. TRADINGWHALE or any of its partner/s or principal officer/employees do not assure/give guarantee for any return on the investment in strategies/models/advise given to the Investor. The value of investment can go up/down depending on factors & forces affecting securities markets. TRADINGWHALE or its associates are not liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall arising from operations and affected by the market condition. 

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